Nordic Walk

Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking 


Nordic Warrior at Ruislip, Tuesdays 2pm-3pm.  £5 per class.
Medium paced Nordic Walks plus outdoor exercises designed to combat effects of aging.  Suitable for anyone looking for low-impact, sociable fitness, including people with mobility problems or wishing to build up their fitness after a period of inactivity. 
(Private bespoke classes on request.)

For details and to book call 07771 872592 or email

“The addition of Nordic poles to moderate to vigorous-intensity walking is a simple, accessible option to enhance improvements in walking capacity, increase energy expenditure, engage upper body musculature, and improve other functional parameters such as posture, gait, and balance all that could improve walking speed.”- Canadian Journal of Cardiology 

"Walking has increasingly become the focus surrounding ideas to help tackle inactivity, obesity and health issues, with one piece of research suggesting that the form of exercise could help to save thousands of lives. Elsewhere, a GP and sports doctor has called on the NHS to prescribe walking and exercise as a form of medical treatment having found it successful in his practice over the past decade" - Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

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